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To take care of your gold-plated jewelry, there are a few simple tips to follow:

  • Avoid contact of the jewelry with cosmetic or domestic products (perfumes, shampoos, etc.).

  • It is advisable to remove them if you are going to do sports activities and before going to sleep.

  • Do not use them in the shower, the sea or the swimming pool.

  • It is recommended to keep the jewellery in a cloth bag or in a jewellery box, always away from damp spaces (such as the bathroom) and away

    from any exposure to the sun.

  • If a jewelry box is used, it should be placed in separate compartments.

  • It should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

  • To clean them, use a little soap (with a neutral pH) and warm water,

    rubbing with a soft bristle brush, and then dry them with a chamois.

* The gold bath is not guaranteed to last forever. Its duration will depend on different factors such as: the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body sweat and the PH of the skin of each person. It is therefore advisable to know that gold-plated jewelry requires more car